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Deep tissue

The Deep Tissue Massage technique is created to penetrate beneath the superficial layers of the muscle…

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Four hands massage

The Four Hands Massage is a therapeutic massage, performed by two completely synchronized massage…

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Swedish Massage

This Swedish massage technique aims to eliminate tensions, reinforce muscles and joints release…

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Couple Massage

Couples massage is a popular service at the spa where two people are massaged in the same room …

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Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote healing and a feeling of well-being and relaxation…

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Body Treatments

Exfoliating Massage

It serves to remove dead cells that accumulate on the body surface preventing breathing. Our skin cells multiply, die and are renewed.

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Anti cellulite massage

Want to get rid of cellulite quickly? Try some anti cellulite massage techniques. We have broken down each anti cellulite massage technique and how to do it.

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reducing Massage

A massage can often benefit a person by reducing muscle spasms. Muscle spasm can occur for a wide range of reasons.

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facial Cleansing

Facial Exfoliation

This technique has the purpose of cleaning the epidermis deeply, which also allows the skin to be rejuvenated, nourished and hydrated through the treatments and products used in The Magic Beauty spa.

Deep facial cleansing

The main components of pollution that influence the quality of our skin, such as the sun, smoking, bad nutrition and skin regeneration.

Facial Moisturizing

Facial moisturizing is based on applying products on the skin that help to avoid desiccation, scaling and reddening of the skin, restoring the natural hydrolipidic mantle, conserving and increasing the hydration of the same.

Anti Age

Did you know That marks the passage of time on the skin They are changing throughout Life? The first signs of skin aging are wrinkles, fine lines, the lack of light and loss of elasticity.

Anti Acne

If you suffer from acne, sure you’ve done the impossible to disappear those pesky pimples and have a healthy and beautiful skin..

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Makeup Professional

Makeup for all events

We provide the perfect setting for your special events: such as weddings, birthdays interviews, casting and many more events in Which you need to hit and steal all the attention through your beauty makeup.

Day makeup

Assumes the day with a make impact to keep always beautiful at all times Regardless of your daily routine activities Important thing is to face your challenges of the day looking spectacular.

Night makeup

At night, it’s time to get out of your usual routine and start up romance, coquetry and a little fun. Here are the secrets to get the best coquettish makeup looks, with a little inspiration from The Magic Beauty SPA.


MicroBlanding Hair By Hair, It is an ideal treatment for people with eyebrows sparsely populated or have been losing hair over the years, or as a result of illness or medical treatment.

Eyelesh extension

Eyelash extensions are used to improve the length, curl, fullness and thickness of natural eyelashes. to show incredible eyelashes that highlight the expression in your eyes.

Waxing (Removal)

Waxing body and face

Hair removal is one of the main aesthetic concerns, removing hair from the most unwanted areas becomes the priority of people who want to have a body with more hygiene.

Bikini Wax

It is the removal of pubic hair using a special wax, which can be hot or cold, which adheres to the hair and shows when the wax is quickly removed from the skin, usually with a strip of cloth.

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