The benefits of lash extensions is a long and luscious lashes, this is what almost every woman wants to have: longer, fuller and fluttery eyelashes.

But many of Silver Spring`s women struggle with finding the correct lash mascara and find extremely difficult to wear strip lashes.

Well… There is a simple solution “lash extensions”If you wish to have longer and luscious lashes, that is what our team is trained for.

At The Magic Beauty Spa, we specialize in individual lash extensions and we are here to help.

The 10 Benefits of Lash Extensions:

1) Lash extensions will add volume to your natural eyelashes.

2) Lash extensions will enhance your eyes and your look.

3) Lash extensions will lift your lashes.

4) Lash extensions will add length and draw people into your eyes.

5) Lash extensions will not require use of mascara.

6) Lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes.

7) Lash extensions are water resistant.

8) Lash extensions feel lightweight and natural.

9) Lash extensions will add fullness to your natural lashes.

10) Lash extensions will give you unique and beautiful look

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