Reducing Massage

The Reducing Massage that is done with a dynamic pressure and a faster speed than usual.

The massage / reductive seeks to help eliminate localized fat storage and, at the same time, enhance the figure achieving a more aesthetic silhouette.

This procedure is ideal for getting rid of unwanted localized fat. In this practice you massage the areas with the greatest amount of body fat, stimulating heat with specific movements that help dissolve adipose tissue.

What’s your objective?

It is mainly used to decrease the adipose tissue, creating the reduction effect, which shows results in the decrease in the size and build of the person, and thus giving a new silhouette more stylized to the body.

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For whom is reductive massage indicated?

It is recommended that this treatment be used for healthy people and that only have a slight overweight, avoid if you suffer from obesity.

Normally this treatment is performed in men and women, from 18 years onwards, before the start of therapy it is very important to perform an evaluation in which a goal is set and to verify if the patient is suitable for treatment.

With what should be complemented?

To complement the treatment is recommended to the client to make a balanced diet, also take a training routine which helps you to have a healthy physical condition, as the reductive massage will not lose weight, only lose sizes.

In what areas can it be done?

In women mainly the reductive massage is performed on the abdomen, hips and thighs, in men it is performed on the abdomen, hip and chest area.

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