Microblading is a semipermanent pigmentation method with more natural and real effects than the conventional tattoo.

It is an excellent treatment for people with thinly populated eyebrows or hair that has fallen off over the years, or as a result of an illness or accident.

The Microblading favors to shape and fill the eyebrow in those places where necessary, without great consequences on the skin and with a completely natural finish that will make it unnoticed.

The secret is based on the technique of “hair to hair”, which allows a more precise and personalized use of the stroke, obtaining a very natural result.

The pigmentation must be in accordance with the color of the natural beauty of the patient, therefore the color adapts to each client thus giving an effect of naturalness and realism in the work done.

For example: a person with brown hair color, should use medium brown pigment. In this way successively. The basis for choosing pigmentation should always take into account the hair, eye color and skin type of the client.

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This technique is partially fast and without any complications, with an approximate time used in the session of one hour. But being an advanced beauty service, fast execution.

Being thus one of the best treatments to carry out on an aesthetic level.

It is a very precise technique, and we have trained professionals to perform this task, thus providing the best possible service, taking care of the skin and the design of the eyebrows.

The treatment lasts approximately from one year to a year and a half, depending on different factors, such as the care that the client has at the time that some recommendations are made, also the type of skin he has and other external factors .

For example, when going out on a sunny day, the client wears a hat or sunscreen and usually this treatment can last longer.

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