Swedish Massage

The technique of the Swedish massage has the purpose of eliminating the tensions, of reaffirming the muscles and releasing joints. Its invigorating effect and relaxing aid to the sanguineous, lymphatic circulation and the toxin elimination, in addition to the body to encounter again its a state of tranquility and freshness.

This massage is based anywhere on the application of the massage of the body with smooth movements against the direction of the circulation, with the purpose of improving the sanguineous circulation and thus to optimize the cardiovascular activity.

What happens during a Swedish massage?

Before the session, the masseur makes a series of questions about the problems, pains and injuries that the patient had in a time, so that this way the treatment and the massage are much more effective.

In the course of the massage the lubricant masseur the surface of the skin with products such, as relaxing creams and oils and realizes different movements that activate the muscular weave, and this way freeing the tension.

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Among other benefits, the Swedish massage promotes the relaxation.

In the accomplishment of the massage, the client normally naked or half-naked is surrounded with a sheet or towel.

The masseur only discovers the area of the body that needs to be massaged.

Normally the therapist begins placing the head mouth down on to support the form of Or so that the spine stays neutral.

Usually I started by the back, using various movements of the massage. When he finishes begins to work the later part of each leg.

Next the therapist massages the frontal part of each leg, both arms, and she generally finishes with the neck and shoulders.

Some therapists work in a different order, and have their own style and techniques.

If you had a limited time, usually one only works in a certain zone.

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