Four hands massage

Four Hands Massage is a therapeutic massage, performed by two fully synchronized massage therapists, which offers the person an integral relaxation with a unique sensation.

They are four expert hands working at the same time on the surface of the skin, with a coordination that allows the elimination of all kinds of discomfort and muscular loads.

It is a method of Hindu origin, which is done in four hands and combines therapy with music and aromas.

A Four Hands Massage can be like experiencing two full body massages at the same time.

Good massage therapists will use the client’s body as a form of canvas in which slow, detailed movements of different rhythms and pressures will be choreographed.

When two masseuses and four hands are working on your body, your mind reacts differently.

At the beginning, you may try to follow the masseurs, where each one is and what each one does.

But very quickly his brain realizes that he is not sure who does what, and gives up control.

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Keep in mind that four-hand massages are usually even more relaxing than regular massages, so you may even fall asleep during treatment, which is completely acceptable and often recommended.

However, you should not feel any pain and should feel comfortable expressing any discomfort during treatment to your therapists.

Even if you are cold or ticklish, telling your masseuses will greatly improve the outcome of your experience and help you achieve a truly relaxed state.

Finally, you should remember to hydrate and rest before and after your massage appointment.

The muscular recovery of the massage depends to a great extent on the amount of water in your system; A hydrated body is much more likely to benefit from a massage than a dehydrated one.

You may also feel dizzy or dazed after a massage, so plan an additional time to relax and refocus before returning to your daily tasks.

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