Facial Moisturizing

Facial moisturizing is based on applying products on the skin that help to avoid desiccation, scaling and reddening of the skin, restoring the natural hydrolipidic mantle, conserving and increasing the hydration of the same.

The facial moisturization is verified in achieving a greater humectación of the skin and the accretion of collagen, elastic fibers and other contours of the skin of the face to begin an authentic process of rejuvenation.

The cleaning and hydration helps and frees the skin of all the pollutants found in the environment and impurities that affect the health of it.

The “horny layer” is the most superficial covering of the skin and is the one that is in constant contact with the outside.

This layer has the job of protecting the skin from dehydration and external aggressions, such as solar radiation, sudden changes in temperature and humidity, and other agents typical of summer, such as salt and water chlorine.

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Dehydrated skin is more vulnerable to aging and to the unbalance of the pH of the skin.

It is recommended as a previous step to facial moisturizing to perform a professional facial cleansing, because the optimal results are obtained by applying the moisturizing treatment on a very clean skin.

Facial moisturizing helps to rejuvenate and attenuate wrinkles due to its moisturizing and moisturizing effect.

Other, more profound procedures must be used to treat the rest of the expression lines.

It is also recommended to complement with all types of facial rejuvenation treatment to improve the results.

Periodically, a hydration session is suggested at least once a month to maintain a moist and hydrated skin.

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