The facial exfoliation is the artificial, faster and deeper elimination of the keratinized cells of the stratum corneum.

In addition, this treatment helps cell renewal, remove the most ingrained dirt and activates the circulation of nutrients, providing more oxygen to the cells, resulting in a cleaner, shinier and brighter skin.

This technique has the purpose of cleaning the epidermis deeply, which also allows the skin to be rejuvenated, nourished and hydrated through the treatments and products used in concrete; It is recommended to perform 1 or 2 times a week when the person who is in the session is skin is fat, on the contrary, if it is normal or dry every 15 days and for people suffering from certain sensitivity, it is advisable to 15 or 30 days (using hypoallergenic products).

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In each session, exfoliating products are applied to the face and it is always done with clean skin, applying a light massage with round movements from the neck to the forehead, pressing with the fingertips and repeating in areas where the skin is more fat or more dirt accumulates as fins of the nose, chin and forehead.

Once the whole face is massaged, the exfoliant is removed with the help of a small sponge soaked in warm water and we drag all the superficial and deep dirt.

When this part of the therapy is finished, it will be possible to appreciate the skin soft to the touch and slightly reddened, this shows that the blood circulation has been activated and it is the ideal moment to apply a mask that deeply nourishes the skin and calms the sensation of hot.

Of aloe vera if the skin is sensitive, clay if it is oily or directly oil of rosehip or argan if the skin is dry and aged, are the treatments that will complete our ritual of particular beauty and will allow us to see a fresh and healthy skin.

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