Deep tissue massage

The Deep Tissue Massage technique is created to penetrate beneath the superficial layers of the muscle, which makes it perfect for treating problems related to muscle injuries and muscle shortening (rigidity).

Due to its technique, it is very formulated to release all the muscular tension stored, mainly in people that generate muscular load due to stressful circumstances over time.

Deep tissue massage is used to release stiffness and severe muscle tension through a slow technique with great deep pressure. This massage helps in turn to remove the tissue from the scars.

This practice is usually oriented in specific areas where there are problems, in addition, during the session the patient may feel pain during and after the massage due to the technique and the pressure exerted.

However, more than two or three days the client should feel better and more flexible.

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Why get a Deep Tissue Massage?

It helps to improve and decrease pain, therefore, it is a beneficiary for health.

The muscles, tense and rigid, obstruct oxygen and nutrients, which causes pain and inflammation in muscle tissue.

This massage helps reduce muscle pain, relaxes and stretches muscle tissue, helps release toxins from the muscles so that nutrients through the blood circulate properly. It is necessary that the person treated drink a lot of water after each session to eliminate toxins, in this way purifying the impurities that accumulate in the muscle tissues.

What is the purpose of deep tissue massages?

The goal of this therapy is to treat and relieve muscle pain, at the same time release all tension and stiffness, eliminate toxins, while relaxing and calming the muscle.

On the other hand, the therapy helps eliminate fibrosis (scar tissue), realigning the muscle fibers, which guarantees future injuries and complications in people prone to muscle injuries.

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