Eyelash extension

The extension treatment of eyelashes is the most effective to enhance and have a deeper look.

The procedure to use them consists in adhering small individual hairs to each one of the natural hairs, they adhere in the root of each hair. In this way the quantity is doubled, achieving a much more leafy, lively and enhanced look.

Each person requires a personalized job. That is to say, there will not be two similar ones, lashes of different lengths and thicknesses will be put, that will give a unique result, with what you will be able to raise, open or highlight the look and not have to apply eyelash mascara while you have the extensions.

This treatment is suitable for men and women over 18 years.

With an extension of eyelashes treatment you can perform different activities that with false eyelashes you could not carry out, such as:

  • Use contact lenses.
  • Go to the pool or the sea.
  • Do a workout routine in a gym.
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The duration at the time of the application of the treatment can last around 45 minutes to 1 hour, with an approximate time of 6 weeks where no type of maintenance is necessary.

This time is relative depending on the life cycle of the client’s natural eyelashes, which ranges from 60 to 90 days, and clarifying the client’s personal care.

If the client does a minimum maintenance every 2-3 weeks, he can enjoy the extension of eyelashes in an approximate time of 4 consecutive months.

At the end of this time it is recommended to remove and apply a new treatment.

The eyelashes, when grown naturally, displace the implanted eyelashes and in this way require maintenance where they must be organized and oriented again.

The precautions that must be taken into account are basic, but important at the same time for the duration of the lashes.

The amount of lashes to apply will depend mainly on the amount of natural lashes you have.

With the help and suggestion of our specialists you can choose the size and material you want to apply.

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