Exfoliating massage

Exfoliating massage is a technique that generates a cell regeneration at the level of the dermis completely natural. At every moment, the dermis is in the process of regeneration, restoring dead cells and battered skin.

These cells cause desquamation and if they are not removed they slow down the good regeneration of the epidermis and the absorption of the products that can be used on the skin.

This treatment exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, leaving it smooth and soft, in addition it is made with an abrasive material, usually sea salt or sugar, mixed with some type of massage oil and aromatic essential oils.

Exfoliation is followed by a high quality lotion or cream application that leaves the skin hydrated.

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What happens during a body scrub?

An Exfoliating Massage is usually carried out in a humid room, propitiating an environment in which the pores can open and thus clean impurities that the skin retains.

The therapist will return and begin by gently rubbing the scrub on the back, the back of the arms and the back of the legs and feet. It can be covered with a towel so that only the part where you are working is exposed.

When the masseuse completes his task, you usually take a bath and rinse yourself. Be sure to rinse well to avoid bringing small granules to the table.

It is recommended not to use shower gel; It is good to keep the oil, aromatics and body creams on your skin.

If you enter the shower, the therapist will place clean sheets on the treatment table while you are showering and will leave the room again.

Finally, the skin is cleaned and dried by lying face down on the treatment table under a sheet or towel. Then, the therapist returns and applies body lotion or oil.

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